In western mythology, Goblins are famously known as a household spirit who plays the same role in French as The Scotch and English Brownies, bogles, boggart and kobolds in German. They are very helpful around the house but also of capricious and erratic temper, mischievous, and prankish, given to rapping on walls and doors. Sometimes, they are moving furniture in the night, breaking dishes, banging pots and pans around, snatching bedclothes off sleepers, etc. Goblins are such good housekeepers that he will be obliged to pick it up, but after a while he will get tired and go away.

Goblins are magical creature defined as beings, rather than beasts in Harry Potter World. They are represented by the Goblin Liaison Office in the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creature. Goblins are short and dark skinned. They have very long fingers and feet, and some have pointed beards. Griphook, one of the hundreds goblins working at Gringotts Bank, has a bald head, pointed nose, and pointed ears. Some have dark, slanted eyes. Some goblins wear pointed hats.

Goblins are highly intelligent creatures and over the years live together with wizard kind. Goblins are considered to be inferior by many wizards, who foolishly believe that the goblins are comfortable with that arrangement. They establish themselves as a vital part of wizarding society. The goblins run Gringotts, the wizarding bank. Therefore, they control the wizarding economy to a large extent. In fact, goblins are extremely clever and more than able to stand up to wizards. The fact that the wizarding population treat them poorly is evidence of the severe injustice built into wizard culture.

The parallel between the mythology and the story is they are clever. With the high intelligent, Goblins can do many things as they like. Even those are not be pleased. It is not an evil to say that Goblins do not look friendly. Not friendly is quite bad characteristic. But, they like to show off how smart they are. They also like to protest and reorganize every mistake happen in wizarding world. They can do such a rebellion with no doubt.

Throughout the history of the wizarding world, there are rebellions where the goblins fight against the discrimination and prejudice. These goblins rebellions were most prevalent, but even today there are subversive goblin groups who work in secret against the Ministry of Magic.

The goblins are an interesting and somewhat mysterious group in the wizarding world. As if wizards’ community cannot help to control their braveness to react radically. The valuable things of them are smart and high cleverness so they can work ad manage in Gringotts Bank as well. The evil side is thir own decision to do rebellion radically. Goblins have good quality on intelligent equally as wizards even more financially. Unfortunately, they are over arrogant. Rowling seems to create his goblin’s version between good and bad. However, wizards needs Goblins to help them keep balance the wizarding world by manage the bank. So that, wizards have no choice besides they let Goblins live by their own way even any damages that can happen every times. Once again, it’s for balancing the wizarding world.

Pict: Image by vasina_r from Pixabay

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