J.K.Rowling, the creator of the masterpiece Harry Potter series, create Veela as nymph, like creature in Slavic mythology, who live in bodies of water and have power over storms. Other source written that Veelas are like fairy but they are not immortal. Veelas often appear as beautiful woman, but are known to shape shift into swans, snakes, horses, or wolves. Their voices hypnotize those who hear them, and they are fierce warriors.

Interestingly, all veelas are women. So, how about their posterity? Veelas are known to marry human men, although it is unknown whether any have married muggles. Children of these unions are half-Veelas, and they will inherit magical ability from their fathers and beauty and charm from their mothers.

Veelas are usually friendly towards humans. David Colbert in a book ‘Magical World of Harry Potter’, explains that, in Slovakia they are the souls of deceased girls. Veelas are tempting spirits appear firstly in Goblet of Fire, from legend in Middle Europe. In some folklore, Veelas are Anabaptist women spirits that the spirit cannot leave earth.

The beautiful things of Veelas are not only on their appearance with moon-bright skin and gold-white hair, beautiful voices, and seductive dance who hypnotize most men. Good values on them are healing and prophetic powers and are sometimes willing to help human beings. Despite their feminine charms, however, the Veelas are fierce warriors. The earth is said to shake when they do battle.

Every creature has such a bad side and so Veela. Veelas can be vicious and show off their magical actions dangerously. Their voices hypnotize those who hear them moreover men. The way are not dangerous. But, they can turn into bird-like creatures capable of throwing balls of fire when anger. The worst thing makes them angry when their ritualistic dance is disturbed. As wind spirit, they have ability to create such a tornado or huricane. Veelas are easily hurt others when they are angry.

  • Source: Magical World of Harry Potter by David Colbert
  • Pic: Quora

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